Wellness Story: Sarah


I started to use “alternative” (better!) medicine before I met Dr Blankenship. I started with my horses, moved to the dogs, then when we had a child diagnosed with autism, the human part of the family was included! I am a firm believer that in terms of medicine, less is generally better.

I had a dog (Sarah) diagnosed with laryngoparalysis. The treatment for that is usually surgery, with often difficult results. When other vets tried to blame it on anything but laryngoparalysis, Dr Blankenship actually listened to me when I said that the noise was upper airway (stridor), not in her lungs or cardiac-related. (I am a paramedic by trade and know when I hear stridor!) We treated Sarah with acupuncture and she improved greatly. Sarah had three more good quality years with us before she died at age 13, almost 14, which is getting up there for a lab!

I currently have another lab who is 15 years and 7 months! We have treated her holistically for most of her life. I was told by another vet that she has outlived pretty much every other dog in her breed! We saw that vet for some blood work and an x-ray when she was vomiting. Dr Blankenship and I figured out what was causing her vomiting and treated her holistically. That was last summer. She is still going strong! She knows when her dinner is coming and makes her presence known!

The rest of my labs are happy and healthy, all including the 15- year-old, and have beautiful teeth due to a holistic diet. You have to treat the whole dog and its whole life, not just treat the parts!

— Tori | Culpeper, Va.

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