Wellness Story: Hollywood & Macy Lou

Hollywood & Macy Lou

As a client of Dr. Lori Blankenship for many years, I have learned how valuable alternative veterinary medicine can be. It began with a typical office visit to a typical veterinary clinic, where Dr. Blankenship happened to be working. At the time, my lack of understanding of animal medicine made me believe that with a couple of prescriptions and a quick office visit my companion would be fine or, at worse, could not be helped. Unfortunately, the worse was staring me in the face. This was the start of my education on the benefits of Dr. Blankenship’s extended education in alternative medicine.

Hollywood, my aging rescued black lab, and I were about to receive our first experience with acupuncture. I watched a scared dog relax and fall into a deep sleep in the middle of a veterinary clinic during her first treatment. I was amazed. Over the following months, Holly was kept comfortable and benefited from the best care I had ever seen. She was with me for many months in good health and unbelievable spirit, something that never would have been possible without Dr. Blankenship’s dedication and her ability to work with all animal medicines.

I next needed Dr. Blankenship’s services years later for my other dog, Macy Lou, another shelter animal, who had developed a mass in her gum line. I returned to the office where I’d met Dr. Blankenship, but she was no longer there. So I made an appointment with another veterinarian in that office. This veterinarian said the mass was most likely cancer and not treatable. At first, I accepted his opinion and tried to make peace with the fact I would be saying good bye to a friend of 12 years. In desperation, I learned what I could about cancer in the gum line of dogs and then decided to try to find Dr. Blankenship, which proved successful.

She confirmed that the mass was most probably a very common form of cancer but it was treatable. She informed me of my options and we decided a holistic diet would be the most reasonable option. By simply following a diet Dr. Blankenship prescribed, within six months the tumor stopped growing and disappeared. At the time of this letter, Macy Lou is nearly 15. Two months ago she developed a slipped disk and within an afternoon could neither stand nor walk. Thanks to Dr. Blankenship’s services, Macy Lou is regaining her strength and walking, something I believe would never have happened had I followed the advice of mainstream animal medicine.

There have been other visits with Dr. Blankenship for general care. I always leave her office knowing my animal received the best possible care and with the knowledge that I am seeing a veterinarian who felt the same way about animals as I do. She has taken the time to learn about aspects of animal care of which many others know little. This means that, in my opinion, the level of care our beloved pets receive from Dr. Blankenship is unmatched.

— Matt | Castleton, Va.

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