Diet Formulation for Dogs and Cats

Nearly every animal that enters our practice can rely on a change in his and her diet to improve their health.  We find nutrition to often be the most effective treatment modality in many cases, even solving problems for patients that have persisted for years. The use of home prepared foods is often one of our first options for our patients.   

Chinese food therapy uses the basic principles of Chinese medicine to determine which foods will promote the health of an individual animal. In simple terms, foods are classified as cooling, warming, moving or blood-nourishing. Some foods nourish specific organs and are used in animals with specific problems in these organs.  As an example, a patient that presents as hot, always seeking a cool place to lie, with red hot skin lesions will be prescribed foods that are cooling.  Fresh foods, either raw or cooked and prepared by the pet owner, are the foundation of Chinese food therapy.

We are able to create a recipe for your pet that is specific to his or her needs based on these principles.  If cooking is not in your schedule, we will work with you to find the best raw, or fresh food commercial preparation that will work for your pet’s needs. 


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Case Study

Mina is a long-haired dachshund who had bladder stones. Often the treatment for this condition is to remove the stones via surgery. Mina’s owners did not want their dog to undergo the risk of surgery, so we elected to treat her bladder stones with Chinese food therapy and herbs. Within one month, her stones were noticeably smaller. Within six months, she had no bladder stones. Today, Mina still has a healthy bladder and her owners are actively showing her. In October of that year she showed at an all-breed show and she beat the number two wire-haired dachshund. She then beat the number one wire in the country at the dachshund specialty. She is feeling great.  Now that she has retired, her offspring are taking the lead.  Mina lives with her new owner and is doing wonderfully.