Wellness Story: Heidi


Heidi, my 13.5-year-old dog, is still with me thanks to the care of Dr. Lori Blankenship. Her holistic approach to care and knowledge of Chinese medicine, herbal supplements and acupuncture helped to balance Heidi’s various problems. It was about 2.5 years ago when I started to think it would be necessary to put down Heidi because of mobility problems.

That’s when I saw Dr. Blankenship’s advertisement for acupuncture and decided to give it a try.

It didn’t work immediately but it DID work. There was no placebo effect. Heidi just started walking better after three or four treatments. For Heidi, acupuncture treatments helped improve her balance and addressed her problem with hindquarter weakness. Dr. Blankenship suggested adding Chinese herbs and we saw more improvement in mobility after a few weeks on the herbs. There were some setbacks, but Dr. Blankenship was always able to resolve the problems and get Heidi back on track.

Dr. Blankenship’s holistic approach works for Heidi. When Heidi’s appetite started to wane, Dr. Blankenship told me how to adjust her diet. Heidi doesn’t like to go to vet offices so the fact that Dr. Blankenship is willing to make house calls means a lot to me. Heidi is more relaxed at home and I know the benefits of acupuncture are greater when she’s not stressed out.

Because of the care Dr. Blankenship has been providing to Heidi since June 2009, I think our dog will be able to celebrate her 14th birthday (March 2012) by chasing a squirrel in our backyard.

— Marcia | Warrenton, Va.

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