Wellness Story: Jordy


Jordy, my life and my best friend.  After the local vet struggled with his old age issues and he lost drastic amounts of weight, Dr. Lori added 10 lbs to him in his final months of life, due to her quick and accurate diagnosis and superb ability to create the perfect diet and treatment.  Jordy was not going to live much longer due to old age and its related inevitable physical failures- but I'm certain Dr. Lori made it the happiest final months that Jordy could imagine: the best quality and quantity of food he could ever have dreamed of, and a vet who came to sit on his living room floor like a friend and keep him relaxed and unafraid.  Thank you, Dr. Lori, for making me best friend's last months as good as they could be and most importantly all about food and eating- Jordy's definition of Heaven. 

— Roxana | Reston, Va.

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