Wellness Story: Benji


Benji was the sole mate I adopted as a puppy after my husband died and he was the most delightful companion for 10 years. He was so active and loved everybody and especially Sophie, our toy poodle who he thought was his mother. Dr.Lori prescribed a homemade diet for me to make for my dogs. They thrived on it and ate every morsel. We found from Lori’s treating Benji as a patient that he had a collapsing trachea. Thanks to Lori’s loving care and her expert ability to use holistic and conventional medicine he was able to live a few years longer in good health and spirit. But the time came when his system couldn’t handle anymore and we had to let him go this past January. He is resting peacefully in our yard by the fence he loved to run along when people came or left-his harness on the fence marking the spot. I can’t thank Dr.Lori and her team enough for giving me so much more time with him. He was a real trooper in his treatments and fought to live to the fullest to the end. 

— Margaret | Washington, Va.

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