Ligament Injury

Cruciate ligament rupture is musculoskeletal condition that we successfully treat with acupuncture. This injury often is corrected by surgery that can cost up to $3,000. However, the combination of diet improvements, Chinese herbal medicine, and acupuncture are used in our practice at a cost of usually less than $1,500 for the entire treatment of this condition. Improvement is usually seen within 2 weeks of the onset of treatment.

Case Study

Remy is a 13-year old Great Dane mix. He presented to us in March 2013 with hindquarter weakness and a cruciate ligament rupture. We began his weekly acupuncture treatments and within 3 months, one could not tell which limb had the ligament rupture. Remy is strong in his hindquarters and happily accompanies his owner on her rounds as a pet sitter.

Remy Continued to do well after moving to Florida with his owner in 2014. He continued treatment when he moved and lived to be 15 years old. This is a wonderful accomplishment for such a large breed dog. Remy continues to hold a special place in our hearts and his success is a testament to the treatment he received.

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