Neck Pain

Neck pain in dogs is often due to Intervertebral Disc Disease. In some cases, neck pain is muscular in origin. Many times, x-rays appear to be normal, so we do not know the cause of the neck pain. Acupuncture is often curative for these dogs.

Case Study

Comet is an 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel who came to us with in early 2012 with severe neck pain. He could not lift his head and was barely able to walk around the house. Standard veterinary medicine deemed his case a lost cause. When we met him, we changed his diet to a homemade diet to suit his nutritional needs and we began acupuncture. With fewer than 5 treatments, he no longer needed acupuncture and now enjoys boating with his family, jumping into the water and swimming alongside the boat.

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