Wellness Story: Mivey


Suddenly and for no apparent reason Mivey, my dear little cat, began to eat less and less food, so I took her to my veterinarian. I was told that my 5-year-old cat was healthy and I was over-reacting. I asked for a blood panel and was told there was no need, as it was just a case of her getting old and changing.

I cried for days as my darling Mivey stopped being playful, would not walk around our home, began to lose weight and refused her favorite raw food and organic treats. She was slowly dying in front of my eyes.

A friend arranged for a telephone consultation with Dr. Lori Blankenship, which resulted in several visits. In addition to her kind and caring ways with both animal and owner, Dr. Blankenship is highly educated in her field. She advised me that Mivey was sick and I was not over-reacting … finally, a veterinarian who believed me!

Dr. Blankenship stayed in constant communication with me via emails, telephone conversations and visits. She ordered a battery of tests, examined Mivey from head to tail and studied the daily logs I maintained since Mivey’s illness began. She prescribed homeopathic remedies based on her expertise in that field and instructed me on exactly how to administer the remedies.

Now, six weeks after becoming ill, my darling Mivey is herself again because of the wonderful holistic care from Dr. Blankenship. And did I mention that I travel 1.5 hours for this care? I would travel to the other side of the country for this extraordinary veterinarian. Holistic care and Dr. Blankenship saved my cat!

— Susanna | Dumfries, Va.

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