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Vaccinations Are Making Pets Sick

February 16, 2019

Vaccine reactions come in many forms. Often the veterinary industry does not recognize a clinical sign that happens after a vaccine as a reaction. Sorting out the clinical signs and treating them has become a focus of our work at Animals First Veterinary Service. Dr. Blankenship has approached many of these cases with homeopathy successfully. Together with Jana Wagner, she will discuss vaccines, reactions, and their treatment with homeopathy at this seminar.

Essential Oils for Health & Wellness of Your Dog or Cat

March 2019

Stay tuned. Details coming soon!

Diet & Wellness: Cooking For Your Pet

April 2019

Stay tuned. Details coming soon!


Holistic Wellness

Personalized pet health and wellness programs for your beloved pet.


Diet & Nutrition

You are what you eat.

We believe the treatment of any medical or behavioral condition should always include a dietary evaluation. We can help formulate a nutritionally balanced, home-prepared diet for your pet.



To achieve the highest possible level of health.

Homeopathy treats the pet as an individual, with a holistic approach to care for the animal as a whole being, not only its symptoms. The goal is to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself through increased vitality. Homeopathic remedies aim to stimulate this vitality to help the body fight against disease.

Heidi, my 13.5-year-old dog, is still with me thanks to the care of Dr. Lori . Her holistic approach to care and knowledge of Chinese medicine, herbal supplements and acupuncture helped to balance Heidi’s various problems.
— Marcia | Rixeyville, VA

House Calls

Stay at home. We’ll come to you!

Your home is the most comfortable place for your pets, and most convenient for you. We provide concierge veterinary services in your home.


End Of Life

End-of-life care for pets focuses on providing the best quality of life possible for a pet with a terminal disease or condition until the pet dies or is euthanized. End-of-life care also helps you as a pet owner by providing you time to make decisions and adjust to the coming loss of your companion. The care is tailored to the needs of both you and your pet.


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We’d love to meet you and your animal family. Reach out to schedule your wellness visit with us.