Vaccinations Are Making Pets Sick

In today’s veterinary market, owners are often bombarded with vaccine requirements for their pets. Many clients have showed concern for the number, frequency, and overall need for these vaccines. Clients often present to our clinic with a pet who has had health problems following vaccination.

Vaccine reactions come in many forms. Often the veterinary industry does not recognize a clinical sign that happens after a vaccine as a reaction. Sorting out the clinical signs and treating them has become a focus of our work at Animals First Veterinary Service. Dr. Blankenship has approached many of these cases with homeopathy successfully. Together with animal communicator Jana Wagner, she will discuss vaccines, reactions, and their treatment with homeopathy at this seminar.

Jana Wagner has been practicing animal communication for 15 years. Clients contact her when their animals are physically and emotionally suffering. Through this communication she has discovered troubles and solutions for the animals that we care for. Jana also has experience with vaccine reactions in the animals that she has worked with. She will share these experiences as well as other communications she has had and will provide insight into how she, as a communicator solves animal problems.

Refreshments will be served

Date: February 16, 2019

Thank you all for attending this workshop. We had great fun preparing for and hosting this event! We look forward to hosting more events and seeing you all again!