Compassionate Care

The last trip to the veterinarian’s office for a terminally ill dog or cat often is stressful and full of sadness for the owner. Dogs and cats who are terminally ill and who have indicated to their owners that they are ready to move on are much more at ease making the transition in the comfort of their own homes.

Our practice is uniquely suited to making these house calls as needed. The decision to euthanize an animal often is made in advance to suit the schedule of the veterinary hospital. Fortunately, with house calls, we can be contacted and do our best to arrive at the home of an animal in need as soon as possible. Often owners call us days in advance to alert us that their animal is not doing well and that we may be needed. This allows us to keep an opening in the schedule and to prepare for the visit.


Our procedure for at-home euthanasia includes the use of homeopathic flower essences and essential oils to calm and prepare the animal for the transition. The animal is permitted the time needed to prepare after these are given. Next, a sedative is given intravenously such that he or she is not conscious of the final drug being administered. After the animal is completely asleep, the final injection is given. These transitions are peaceful.

At the owner’s request, we will remove the animal from the home and provide cremation services with or without ashes returned.


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