Positive Pet Care.


Animals First Veterinary Service was founded in 2000 to provide personalized veterinary care for pets in your home or our quiet office setting.   We are fortunate to be small enough to provide extended appointment times needed for our patients and large enough to provide the most sophisticated diagnostics available to service their immediate needs.  We use complementary medicine to treat, support, and heal your pets from the inside out.  By nurturing your pet’s physical and emotional self, we are able to offer our patients a more complete picture of health!

We welcome cats and dogs at any life stage looking to better their diets, physical health, and emotional health.  We are equipped to perform your pet’s yearly exam, in house laboratory work and any specialized test needed for a complete picture of your pet’s health. 

We also have all necessary vaccines available. We recognize that every patient is different and will tailor a vaccine protocol to the patients needs and the owners’ concerns.  New puppies and adult dogs both benefit from tailored vaccine protocols to protect them from over vaccination.  We offer vaccine titers making it easy to forgo many vaccines. Learn more about vaccine titers on our blog

We also offer personal care for your aged pets.  Where other conventional treatments hit dead ends, we are able to use our knowledge of Chinese medicine, homeopathy, western herbal medicine, and modern medicine to offer new solutions for you and your pets.

We encourage you to look through this site and learn a little more about the modalities we offer.  Please call us with any questions you may have above our practice and how we can help your pets.

At Animals First Veterinary Service, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.