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Success Stories


Jordy, my life and my best friend.  After the local vet struggled with his old age issues and he lost drastic amounts of weight, Dr. Lori added 10 lbs to him in his final months of life, due to her quick and accurate diagnosis and superb ability to create the perfect diet and treatment.  Jordy ws not going to live much longer due to old age and its related inevitable physical failures- but I'm certain Dr. Lori made it the happiest final months that Jordy could imagine: the best quality and quantity of food he could ever have dreamt of, and a vet who came to sit on his living room floor like a friend and keep him relaxed and unafraid.  Thank you, Dr. Lori, for making me best friend's last months as good as they could be and most importantly all about food and eating- Jordy's definition of Heaven. 

— Roxana | Reston, Va.


I  love my vet,  Dr. Lori Blankenship - Holistic Veterinary Service. I have been taking Chewbacca there for over 10 years and have an amazing experience every time I go. She uses Chinese medicine, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and conventional medicine if necessary. I know she is the reason why my 15 year old lab is still here, in good health for 15 years, enjoying his daily walks and playing tug of war with his little brother every day at least 10 times smile emoticon. I highly recommend her to all my friends. I wish I could find a people doctor like that in Warrenton. We are blessed to have a vet like this in the area.

— Petra | Warrenton, Va.


Benji was the sole mate I adopted as a puppy after my husband died and he was the most delightful companion for 10 years. He was so active and loved everybody and especially Sophie, our toy poodle who he thought was his mother. Dr.Lori prescribed a homemade diet for me to make for my dogs. They thrived on it and ate every morsel. We found from Lori’s treating Benji as a patient that he had a collapsing trachea. Thanks to Lori’s loving care and her expert ability to use holistic and conventional medicine he was able to live a few years longer in good health and spirit. But the time came when his system couldn’t handle anymore and we had to let him go this past January. He is resting peacefully in our yard by the fence he loved to run along when people came or left-his harness on the fence marking the spot. I can’t thank Dr.Lori and her team enough for giving me so much more time with him. He was a real trooper in his treatments and fought to live to the fullest to the end. 

— Margaret | Washington, Va.


Suddenly and for no apparent reason Mivey, my dear little cat, began to eat less and less food, so I took her to my veterinarian. I was told that my 5-year-old cat was healthy and I was over-reacting. I asked for a blood panel and was told there was no need, as it was just a case of her getting old and changing.

I cried for days as my darling Mivey stopped being playful, would not walk around our home, began to lose weight and refused her favorite raw food and organic treats. She was slowly dying in front of my eyes.

A friend arranged for a telephone consultation with Dr. Lori Blankenship, which resulted in several visits. In addition to her kind and caring ways with both animal and owner, Dr. Blankenship is highly educated in her field. She advised me that Mivey was sick and I was not over-reacting … finally, a veterinarian who believed me!

Dr. Blankenship stayed in constant communication with me via emails, telephone conversations and visits. She ordered a battery of tests, examined Mivey from head to tail and studied the daily logs I maintained since Mivey’s illness began. She prescribed homeopathic remedies based on her expertise in that field and instructed me on exactly how to administer the remedies.

Now, six weeks after becoming ill, my darling Mivey is herself again because of the wonderful holistic care from Dr. Blankenship. And did I mention that I travel 1.5 hours for this care? I would travel to the other side of the country for this extraordinary veterinarian. Holistic care and Dr. Blankenship saved my cat!

— Susanna | Dumfries, Va.

Kira, Mary and Mina

We are breeders of show, performance and companion standard dachshunds and greyhounds. A couple years ago, one of our retired longhair champion females injured her neck and shoulder while chasing the cats off the deck. I knew that she needed immediate acupuncture treatments. I recalled reading in the local newspaper that Dr. Lori Blankenship was a licensed veterinary acupuncturist. I contacted her office and within a couple hours Kira had her first treatment. After three treatments, Kira was back to normal. Later, Kira developed pancreatitis. Dr. Blankenship developed a homemade diet for her and she is doing extremely well on it.

Our matriarch greyhound, Mary, was slowing down as she was aging. Also she would become very nervous when going to the vet. With Dr. Blankenship, however, Mary was relaxed and looked forward to visiting her office. After Mary’s acupuncture treatments, she would come home and jump over the baby gate at the bottom of our stairs. The most wonderful tribute was Mary winning the veteran sweepstakes at the Greyhound Specialty in 2010 at the age of 12, moving better than many of the younger dogs entered at the show. The crowd was amazed that a 12-year-old greyhound would still be alive and still move as well as Mary did that day.

Mina, our grand champion wire dachshund, was diagnosed with bladder stones. We decided to talk with Dr. Blankenship about alternatives to surgery. She developed a diet and prescribed Chinese herbs for Mina. Within a few months, the stones had totally disappeared. With the continued prescribed homemade diet developed by Dr. Blankenship, Mina has continued to be healthy and stone free for more than one year now and continues to win at dog shows.

— Dr. Andrew, Dianne and Kandice | Brandy Station, Va.

Phoenix and Chelsea

Dr. Lori Blankenship has been caring for the four-legged members of my family for more than four years, and I often wonder what we did without her. We began seeing her when Phoenix, my 11-year-old Weimaraner, began to have problems in his rear legs.

I was fairly new to Culpeper at the time and visited a conventional medicine veterinarian in the area, who said Phoenix had arthritis in his hind quarters. I was told to give him regular aspirin to ease the pain. That seemed to work for about two weeks, after which he collapsed again.

I returned to the same clinic, where I was given a prescription medication and advised that I might want to consider euthanasia in the near future. Needless to say I was not ready to give up on Phoenix and he wasn’t ready to give up either.

Fortune was right around the corner. I found Dr. Blankenship listed in the Holistic Veterinarian Association. She was not willing to give up on Phoenix either. With a regiment of herbs and acupuncture, he thrived until his passing at age 13. I truly know he would not have been in my life those extra two years without her care and compassion.

My 11-year-old Weimaraner, Chelsea, whom I adopted when she was 4, came to me with itchy, patchy, flakey skin. The fur around her ears was almost absent and her ear canals would fill up with a waxy discharge. Conventional veterinary medicine did little to alleviate any of these conditions.

Thanks to Dr. Blankenship, Chelsea has no bare patches today. Her skin is finally healthy and the waxy discharge is nothing more than a bad memory. Dr. Blankenship treated her with Chinese herbs. What all the prior prescription medications couldn’t do, the combination of herbs accomplished. This is not because a miracle occurred, but because of the knowledge, hard work, dedication and caring of one special doctor, Lori Blankenship, DVM.

If you want a veterinarian who will spend more than 10 minutes with you and your beloved pet and won’t quit until she finds the right treatment for the condition afflicting your friend, I highly recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Blankenship. I am quite certain you won’t find disappointment, just an answer. I always have.

— Tracy | Culpeper, Va.


Heidi, my 13.5-year-old dog, is still with me thanks to the care of Dr. Lori Blankenship. Her holistic approach to care and knowledge of Chinese medicine, herbal supplements and acupuncture helped to balance Heidi’s various problems. It was about 2.5 years ago when I started to think it would be necessary to put down Heidi because of mobility problems.

That’s when I saw Dr. Blankenship’s advertisement for acupuncture and decided to give it a try.

It didn’t work immediately but it DID work. There was no placebo effect. Heidi just started walking better after three or four treatments. For Heidi, acupuncture treatments helped improve her balance and addressed her problem with hindquarter weakness. Dr. Blankenship suggested adding Chinese herbs and we saw more improvement in mobility after a few weeks on the herbs. There were some setbacks, but Dr. Blankenship was always able to resolve the problems and get Heidi back on track.

Dr. Blankenship’s holistic approach works for Heidi. When Heidi’s appetite started to wane, Dr. Blankenship told me how to adjust her diet. Heidi doesn’t like to go to vet offices so the fact that Dr. Blankenship is willing to make house calls means a lot to me. Heidi is more relaxed at home and I know the benefits of acupuncture are greater when she’s not stressed out.

Because of the care Dr. Blankenship has been providing to Heidi since June 2009, I think our dog will be able to celebrate her 14th birthday (March 2012) by chasing a squirrel in our backyard.

— Marcia | Warrenton, Va.


I started to use “alternative” (better!) medicine before I met Dr Blankenship. I started with my horses, moved to the dogs, then when we had a child diagnosed with autism, the human part of the family was included! I am a firm believer that in terms of medicine, less is generally better.

I had a dog (Sarah) diagnosed with laryngoparalysis. The treatment for that is usually surgery, with often difficult results. When other vets tried to blame it on anything but laryngoparalysis, Dr Blankenship actually listened to me when I said that the noise was upper airway (stridor), not in her lungs or cardiac-related. (I am a paramedic by trade and know when I hear stridor!) We treated Sarah with acupuncture and she improved greatly. Sarah had three more good quality years with us before she died at age 13, almost 14, which is getting up there for a lab!

I currently have another lab who is 15 years and 7 months! We have treated her holistically for most of her life. I was told by another vet that she has outlived pretty much every other dog in her breed! We saw that vet for some blood work and an x-ray when she was vomiting. Dr Blankenship and I figured out what was causing her vomiting and treated her holistically. That was last summer. She is still going strong! She knows when her dinner is coming and makes her presence known!

The rest of my labs are happy and healthy, all including the 15- year-old, and have beautiful teeth due to a holistic diet. You have to treat the whole dog and its whole life, not just treat the parts!

— Tori | Culpeper, Va.

Hollywood & Macy Lou

As a client of Dr. Lori Blankenship for many years, I have learned how valuable alternative veterinary medicine can be. It began with a typical office visit to a typical veterinary clinic, where Dr. Blankenship happened to be working. At the time, my lack of understanding of animal medicine made me believe that with a couple of prescriptions and a quick office visit my companion would be fine or, at worse, could not be helped. Unfortunately, the worse was staring me in the face. This was the start of my education on the benefits of Dr. Blankenship’s extended education in alternative medicine.

Hollywood, my aging rescued black lab, and I were about to receive our first experience with acupuncture. I watched a scared dog relax and fall into a deep sleep in the middle of a veterinary clinic during her first treatment. I was amazed. Over the following months, Holly was kept comfortable and benefited from the best care I had ever seen. She was with me for many months in good health and unbelievable spirit, something that never would have been possible without Dr. Blankenship’s dedication and her ability to work with all animal medicines.

I next needed Dr. Blankenship’s services years later for my other dog, Macy Lou, another shelter animal, who had developed a mass in her gum line. I returned to the office where I’d met Dr. Blankenship, but she was no longer there. So I made an appointment with another veterinarian in that office. This veterinarian said the mass was most likely cancer and not treatable. At first, I accepted his opinion and tried to make peace with the fact I would be saying good bye to a friend of 12 years. In desperation, I learned what I could about cancer in the gum line of dogs and then decided to try to find Dr. Blankenship, which proved successful.

She confirmed that the mass was most probably a very common form of cancer but it was treatable. She informed me of my options and we decided a holistic diet would be the most reasonable option. By simply following a diet Dr. Blankenship prescribed, within six months the tumor stopped growing and disappeared. At the time of this letter, Macy Lou is nearly 15. Two months ago she developed a slipped disk and within an afternoon could neither stand nor walk. Thanks to Dr. Blankenship’s services, Macy Lou is regaining her strength and walking, something I believe would never have happened had I followed the advice of mainstream animal medicine.

There have been other visits with Dr. Blankenship for general care. I always leave her office knowing my animal received the best possible care and with the knowledge that I am seeing a veterinarian who felt the same way about animals as I do. She has taken the time to learn about aspects of animal care of which many others know little. This means that, in my opinion, the level of care our beloved pets receive from Dr. Blankenship is unmatched.

— Matt | Castleton, Va.


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  • "Heidi, my 13.5-year-old dog, is still with me thanks to the care of Dr. Lori . Her holistic approach to care and knowledge of Chinese medicine, herbal supplements and acupuncture helped to balance Heidi’s various problems."
    Marcia - Rixeyville, VA