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Often, when you are concerned about your pet’s health and unsure of which direction to turn, it is helpful to talk to a veterinarian who can guide you in the most helpful direction to make the best decision for your pet. These conversations help you to understand already-diagnosed medical conditions and to determine what direction to take for diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

Dr. Blankenship uses the description of the patient, as well as any available medical records, to determine if and how Chinese Food Therapy may benefit your pet. Feeding the most medically appropriate foods to your pet is often one of the best ways to help our patients.  Often a change in diet is all that is needed to clear chronic problems in our companion animals. See The All-Important Diet for more information.

Phone consultation also provides an opportunity to choose the correct homeopathic remedy to send your companion animal on a healing path.  Homeopathy is a healing modality that relies entirely on the symptoms of the patient. Detailed discussions of the emotional, behavioral and physical symptoms of your pet helps guide us to the correct homeopathic remedy.

Consultations can be scheduled for 30 or 60 minute appointments in office or as a house call.


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  • "Heidi, my 13.5-year-old dog, is still with me thanks to the care of Dr. Lori . Her holistic approach to care and knowledge of Chinese medicine, herbal supplements and acupuncture helped to balance Heidi’s various problems."
    Marcia - Rixeyville, VA