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Phone Consultations

Unearthing the Benefits of Phone Consultations with Animals First Veterinary Services

From a holistic perspective, veterinary phone consultations can offer you a fresh look at a variety of ailments. We can give you a deeper understanding of any medical diagnosis or disease process. You can find new options for chronic problems such as kidney disease and arthritis. There are even options for pets with behavioral problems.

Dr. Lori Blankenship has the unique ability to understand a case from both a holistic, as well as a scientific perspective. She has many years of experience studying, researching and practicing holistic and veterinary medicine. She is proficient in several holistic modalities, including Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chinese Food Therapy and Essential Oils. This further solidifies her knowledge of the physical body and opens up a whole new perspective on treatments available. Dr. Blankenship also earned a Ph.D. in Genetic Toxicology and participated in cancer research, which allowed her the opportunity to publish several articles. This collective knowledge allows her to have a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease.

How Can a Phone Consultation Help Me and My Pet?

During a holistic phone consultation, we will give you a greater understanding of any physical or behavioral conditions that you and your pet may be facing. We are here to help you understand a medical diagnosis and offer holistic treatment options. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help answer them and also to offer guidance and further care. During the consultation, we will review past medical history and present problems. All blood work, x-rays, pictures and doctors’ notes are truly helpful in our quest to reveal the disease process to you. Having the animal’s medical history allows us to paint the whole picture for you to better appreciate your pet’s medical journey.

The Importance of Diet

Our focus and mission for our clients and patients is based on a healthy diet. By starting with nutrition, we are able to support growing and aging pets alike as they transition through all life stages. The study of Chinese Food Therapy allows us to pick ingredients that specifically treat the condition of your pet. Nutrition is often the strongest medicine. Good nutrition and supplementation can help heal everything from skin conditions, cruciate ligament ruptures to signs of aging. We work together with you and your pet’s tastes and needs. We can find the perfect combination of supplements and diet to heal your pets from the inside out!

The Practice of Homeopathy

One of the many benefits of homeopathy is the ability to be hands-off. Patients that cannot handle the stress of traveling to a veterinary hospital and being handled by people they do not know often flourish with this type of treatment. In addition to a physical exam we rely on the owners’ observation of their pet in their natural environment to help pick an appropriate remedy. We will ask you about your general observations concerning your pet’s physical state. In homeopathy, the animal’s likes, dislikes and worries are key to finding the correct remedy.

It is important to understand that routine updates and rechecks are crucial to successfully treat your pet. Seeing your pet first-hand is just as valuable as your observations in a relaxed, unaltered state. Daily logs are requested after administering a remedy. These logs may be as simple as one or two lines updating the animal’s progress. They help us stay informed of what is happening with your pet. The tides can change quickly when using a remedy and your daily logs help us keep track of improvement. We ask that you call or send emails to stay in direct contact.

Please see our Homeopathy page for an explanation of the birth of homeopathy and also an explanation of remedies.

Preparing for Your Phone Consultation

Please submit all previous medical records and pictures by email at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. This gives us a chance to review medical notes and test results to get a better understanding of your pet’s condition. It shows us what treatments have been used and how your pet responded. It also permits us to find other routes of diagnosis and treatment. Most clinics have digital radiography that may be sent, if applicable. The phone consultation should be performed at a time when you are in a quiet location with your pet, with access to any medical records that you have.

How Does Pricing Work?

The initial phone consultation normally lasts between one and two hours and may also include the doctor’s time working up your case. Schedule a quiet time for your consultation when your pet is present and you have time to talk. Dr. Blankenship will discuss with you your pet’s medical history, current problems, personality, tastes, lifestyle and, of course, any questions that you have. We will use Skype or telephone for the consultation. The cost is $350 for this initial consultation.

After a treatment plan is established, Dr. Blankenship will recommend a recheck date. In the case of supplementation and nutrition, a recheck normally occurs within one month’s time. The recheck may be sooner if your pet has a rapidly changing condition. The length of time of the recheck can vary based on results, but should take between 30 minutes to an hour. Homeopathy rechecks are on a case-by-case basis. The number and frequency of rechecks depends on the pet’s reaction and the type of remedy issued. A recheck generally costs $95.

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  • "Heidi, my 13.5-year-old dog, is still with me thanks to the care of Dr. Lori . Her holistic approach to care and knowledge of Chinese medicine, herbal supplements and acupuncture helped to balance Heidi’s various problems."
    Marcia - Rixeyville, VA